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Don’t Let Yourself Get Pressured By An Insurance Adjuster

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It’s a sad reality that some insurance adjusters use underhanded tactics to settle cases. Although there are plenty of upstanding professionals in the industry, there are some that give the business a bad name. Our Nashville personal injury attorneys can help you when you feel that an adjuster is applying undue pressure on you to accept the terms that the company is offering.

Threats Create Insecurity

Have you been told that if you do not accept the offer that the company presents, you will not receive any compensation at all? Threats like this are designed to make you feel insecure and question your rights. Do not allow an unscrupulous insurance adjuster to take advantage of you.

Harassment is Designed to Frustrate

Perhaps the adjuster is questioning your lifestyle choices or making comments about injuries that you sustained years ago. By suggesting that your injuries are really a result of problems you had a long time ago, the representative attempts to minimize the personal injuries you received recently. This form of harassment is not just inappropriate but it is also designed to skew the facts of the case.

What Should You Do When an Adjuster Displays Unprofessional Behavior?

You do not have to accept rudeness, an unprofessional demeanor, threats or any form of harassment. If you are unsure whether you are experiencing this type of treatment from a representative of the insurance companies, contact our Nashville personal injury lawyers for answers. We gladly take the time to listen to you and help you to put the adjuster’s comments into perspective. Contact us today for assistance.

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