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Debunking Old Settlement Myths

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When you have been injured because of someone else’s fault, due to negligence or as the result of a defective product, you may be entitled to compensation. Too many jokes and social media memes decry settlements as being outlandish in scope. Our Nashville personal injury lawyers offer you some facts that debunk these myths.

Losses due to Medical Treatments and Property Replacement

A fair settlement factors in any property losses you experienced. This may involve your vehicle, goods you were transporting in the vehicle and also clothes. The cost of medical treatments that you have already incurred should also be included in the agreement. Since some injuries are so severe that they may result in the need for future – sometimes lifetime – treatments, anticipated costs associated with these medical interventions must be factored in.

Loss of Income, Pain and Suffering

A settlement does not only consider the paychecks you lost in the immediate aftermath of the injury, but also the potential for missed pay increases due to promotions or transfers. In severe cases, this calculation must factor in a lifetime loss of earning capacity. Pain and suffering are two terms that receive the most derision. While it is not possible to put a dollar value on the experiences you endured, a settlement negotiation will break down the components of suffering. This may include the onset of depression, eating problems, anger management issues and similar situations.

Negotiating this kind of settlement calls for the help of professionals. While you want to be realistic about your current and future damages, you also do not want to sell yourself short. Contact us to get more information on this topic via a one-on-one consultation with our Nashville personal injury lawyers.

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