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Dangerous Tracks: When Is A Railroad Accident Simply An Accident?

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Train accidents are ones that don’t often get the spotlight they deserve. It’s true that they happen far less often than truck, Nashville car accident,  or motorcycle accidents. However, they are usually more deadly and probably happen even more often than you might think. From the perspective of wrongful death lawyers in Nashville, they are also more complicated because train companies have their own attorneys who fight to keep their clients from accepting responsibility.

So when is a train accident, truly an accident? A medical examiner’s office is claiming that a recent tragedy on nearby train tracks has officially been ruled an “accident.” The investigation is still ongoing, however. According to police a young man attempted to cross a set of train tracks on a skateboard when he was struck by an eastbound train.

Some blame could certainly be placed on the rider as reports say the crossing arms were down when he attempted to cross. There are conflicting reports, though. Some witnesses claim that he wasn’t trying to cross the tracks at all. Some actually claim that the young man may have intentionally stopped on the tracks as the train approached. But yet others say they saw him hop off his board and attempt to cross on foot. It certainly is a confusing case.

While police say, “All possibilities are investigated,” they have ruled out that he intentionally let the train strike him. They continued, “In our opinion, based on his history, it didn’t appear that was his intent to do so.” Hopefully, the investigation will give the surviving family the answers they deserve.

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As you can see, major accidents like this can be incredibly confusing. That’s why it’s best to get the proper representation if you’ve lost a loved one in an accident. Mitch Grissim & Associates will handle all the complex details of your case. Just contact our Nashville wrongful death attorneys today!

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