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What Damages Are Available In A Wrongful Death Case?

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Losing a beloved member of the family puts a great emotional toll on a family, especially during an unexpected wrongful death case. The last thing you and your family should have to deal with during your time of grief is outrageous medical bills or the stress of a lost income. Sadly, many families must deal with these hardships even in cases where their beloved’s death was due to the negligent or purposeful acts of someone else.

Fortunately for your family’s future, laws exist to help you out financially in the case of a wrongful death, particularly if the deceased was the primary earner in your household. Getting the proper compensation in a wrongful death case won’t ease the pain of losing your loved one, but it will give you peace of mind about your family’s financial state so that you can move on with life in peace.

We at Mitch Grissim & Associates understand your family’s needs during this extremely emotional time, and we will work to get you the damages you deserve. For more information on the possible damages available to you after a wrongful death case, continue reading below.

Damages Experienced by the Deceased

In order to receive damages during a wrongful death case, it needs to be determined that the death would not have happened were it not for a negligent or purposeful accident or act. In the case of a wrongful death, there are likely damages owed to the deceased covering the time period from the accident or injury up until their death. This can include the deceased’s medical bills, penance for the emotional or physical suffering during their last days and missed wages during that time period.

Income Losses to Kin 

Were it not for the accident or act that caused your loved one’s wrongful death, you and your family would still be benefitting from their income. Thus, damages can be collected to cover the amount of the income you and your family have lost. These can cover the amount equivalent to the wages the deceased would have earned had they been alive and able to continue working up until retirement age.

Contact Mitch Grissim & Associates for Trusted Legal Service

Dealing with a difficult wrongful death case on top of the emotional distress of losing a loved one can be extremely taxing. Having an experienced attorney in your corner is the best way to ensure you get the compensation you need. Mitch Grissim & Associates of Nashville, Tennessee, have over 35 years working with grieving families and other sensitive personal injury cases. We are available for you and your family during this extremely difficult time in your life. We will work to make sure you get the settlement you deserve in order to move on with life. Contact us for a free case review today.

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