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Common Types of Motorcycle Accidents


Motorcycles are a popular way to travel in Tennessee, and motorcycle riders have just as much right to the road as other vehicles. However, motorcycle accidents are common in the Nashville area, and victims of motorcycle accidents deserve to be compensated for the injuries caused by a crash. At Mitch Grissim & Associates, we protect motorcycle accident victims throughout Nashville. Call or contact our office today to schedule a free consultation of your claims.

Head-On Collisions

Head-on collisions happen less often than other types of common motorcycle accidents; however, they often cause the most serious injuries and have the highest rates of fatalities for victims. Head-on motorcycle accidents happen for a variety of reasons, but many are caused when drivers of larger vehicles engage in distracted driving or driving under the influence. They can drift into other lanes and strike motorcycles that are less easy to see on the road.

Rear-End Collisions

Another common type of motorcycle accident is a rear-end collision. This type of accident occurs when cars and trucks follow a motorcycle too closely on the road and cannot stop in time to avoid a crash. Rear-end accidents also occur when a motorcycle is stopped at an intersection and a vehicle strikes them from behind.

Left Turn Accidents

Left-turn accidents also happen frequently in motorcycle crashes. This type of accident happens most frequently at intersections. A car or truck will make a left-hand turn without checking for oncoming motorcycles, and the motorcycle will broadside the larger vehicle. Left-hand turn collisions also occur when motorcycles are making a left-hand turn and other vehicles blow through stop signs or lights, striking the smaller motorcycle in the intersection. This type of accident also happens frequently when cars and trucks are pulling out of driveways or parking lots without checking first for motorcycles on the roadway.

Sideswipe Accidents

Another common type of motorcycle accident are sideswipe accidents. Because motorcycles are smaller than cars and trucks, drivers of larger vehicles do not always check or see them on the road. Because of this, these larger vehicles will change lanes and strike the side of a motorcycle, causing a crash.

Motorcycle Defect Accidents

The last common type of motorcycle accident is caused by a defect within the vehicle itself. This is the only common type of motorcycle crash that does not directly involve another vehicle on the road. Defects in certain parts of a motorcycle can lead to accidents caused by failing brakes, engine failure, gas tank leaks, and tire blowouts. To learn more about the common types of motorcycle accidents or what your claims might be worth after a crash, talk to an experienced personal injury attorney today.

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