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Beware Of Speedy Truck Accident Settlements

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When you have been involved in an accident with a truck, the trucking companies knows that offering you a speedy settlement is in their best interest. Even before the ink is fully dry on the police reports, you can bet that the company is tallying the cost of a quick up-front settlement offer and comparing it to a likely prolonged negotiation with Nashville truck accident attorneys.

Should you accept the up-front cash offer? It seems too good to be true. Moreover, in some cases, it may very well be. Granted, you do save money by not engaging legal representation. Also, you receive a guaranteed amount of money. The downside of the quick settlement, however, may not become obvious until much later.

  • Lowball offers. Unless you discuss your case with an attorney, you do not know what a typical settlement amount for your case may be. It is highly unlikely that the trucking company will offer you a top dollar amount right at the beginning.
  • Inability to recoup future economic losses. Although you feel okay right now, there is no guarantee that being the victim in a truck accident will not lead to additional injuries or the manifestation of other conditions.
  • Legalese. Even if you decide that you do not want to undertake litigation, consider it a good business practice to have an attorney look over the settlement agreement that you want to sign. Frequently, these contracts are drawn up to protect the trucking company and therefore feature language that favors the business, not the victim.

Contact us today to learn more about the rights you have in the aftermath of a truck accident in and around Nashville. Our truck accident attorneys gladly answer your questions.

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