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Battling Helmet Myths And Nonsense

In spite of the proven effectiveness that helmets bring to the table, there are still bikers who refuse to wear them. After talking to countless accident victims and reading biker blogs, our Nashville motorcycle accident attorneys have heard all types of helmet related myths. In fact, Motorcycle Cruiser has done an excellent job at putting together some of the most pervasive myths that we hope you will not fall for.

  • Neck breaks. Some suggest that there is connection between motorcycle helmets and suffering a broken neck during a crash.

  • Inability to see or hear. Another myth claims that a helmet prevents you from hearing and seeing the things that go on around you.

  • Speed trap. In this scenario, folks claim that a helmet is only designed to protect you from injury at very low speeds.

The reality is very different. For starters, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) explains that helmets can prevent brain injuries and reduce your risk of dying during an accident by 37 percent to 42 percent. Obviously, it matters what type of helmet you choose. A full-face model that meets federal standards will protect you far better than a hand-me-down from unknown origins that only provides half-coverage.

When you consider that accidents happen to even the most experienced riders, it makes sense that wearing your helmet at all times will offer you the greatest level of protection. If in spite of all your precautions you have been injured in a crash, talk to our Nashville motorcycle accident lawyers to learn how to protect your rights. Contact us today to avoid problems with the statute of limitations.

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