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Bad Faith Insurers And How To Take Action Against Them

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Motorcycle accidents are among the most injury-intensive crashes that occur. While motorists in cars and trucks have some protection from the steel that surrounds them, motorcycle riders do not have this luxury. When another driver hits them, their injuries are usually far more serious than those of the other parties involved in the accident.

Although many insurance agencies pay claims that they are legally obligated to cover, there are some times when our Nashville motorcycle accident attorneys deal with an outfit that fails to do so. If you have been trying to work out your case with your insurance company but feel that these professionals are simply not living up to the duties spelled out in the policy, it may be time to get help.

What is a Bad Faith Insurer?

Feeling that you are not being treated fairly is not an indication of bad faith. Rather, the agent’s inability or unwillingness to respond to your questions and concerns quickly may be a much more objective indicator. Going back on what you have in writing and claiming that this part of the policy had been changed at some time before your accident, even though you never received any change in coverage notification, can also be a sign of bad faith.

Going it Alone vs. Getting Legal Help

Negotiating with your insurance company, particularly when there is a possibility of bad faith, can be a frustrating and daunting process. At a time when you need to focus on getting well, keeping medical appointments and doing all the things your physicians and therapists recommend, fighting about lost income and slow payments to your doctors should not be part of your recovery. Getting legal help, advice or even representation may be in your best interest.

Contact us to learn more about the options that are open to you in a potential bad faith case. Our Nashville motorcycle accident attorneys have plenty of experience with this type of situation and can answer all of your questions.

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