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Are Dangerous Tennessee Bridges Being Kept Open?

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Are Old Bridges Making Driving In Tennessee Dangerous?

You cross them all the time, maybe while on your way to work, maybe while taking your kids to school.  With all of our state’s rivers, creeks, hills, and valleys, bridges are a vital part of traveling, but how often do you think about the conditions of those structures?  As personal injury lawyers in Nashville, we think maybe we should be paying a bit more attention.

Recently, the Tennessee Department of Transportation released a list of all the bridges within our state they consider to be “structurally deficient.”  You might be shocked to learn that of all the state’s nearly 8,000 bridges, 3% were deemed structurally deficient. You might be more shocked to learn that the vast majority of these bridges will remain open despite needing serious repairs or needing to be replaced altogether.

According to a TDOT spokesperson:

“Just because a bridge is structurally deficient doesn’t mean it’s unsafe… It’s so important to remember funding is an issue.”

If a bridge being deemed structurally deficient isn’t reason to keep drivers off of it, what is?  Many of the bridges that make the list will remain untouched for months, even years, before TDOT is able to do the necessary work.  The organization has only been able to complete seven bridge projects in Middle Tennessee over the past two years.

Every two years TDOT inspect bridges, while maintenance is done in between these intervals.  They’ve assured that “If there is a bridge that’s a safety concern, we’ll shut it down immediately,” but hopefully these structurally deficient bridges don’t cause an accident before TDOT is able to address them.

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