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3 Survival Tips You Must Know About Downed Powerlines

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High winds and lightning occur in and around the Nashville area. Just last year, The Tennessean reported on July thunderstorms that brought downed power lines and subsequent fire in West Nashville, power outages in the city’s southern portions and trees taking down more lines around Berry Hill.

Nashville car accident attorneys understand that the natural reaction of a motorist facing a tangle of downed power lines might be to step out and move things out of the way. Stop! These wires are most likely live. Follow our three survival tips to ensure that you stay safe even when the storms pick up.

Back Up

If you see a downed power line in front of you, back up. If it is safe for you to do so, turn around and drive away in the opposite direction. After you have put some safe distance between you and the power lines, pull over, stop the car and dial 911.

Stay Put

What happens if the power line falls on your car while you are driving? Stop immediately but stay inside your vehicle. The car doubles as a Faraday cage, which protects you from electric charges. Turn off the engine and call 911.


If you must abandon your vehicle for any reason while a power line is touching it, the experts at NES urge you to jump away from your car. The same vehicle that acted as a Faraday cage while you were inside it will conduct electricity that harms you if you touch it and the ground at the same time.

Contact us today to learn about protecting your rights if you were injured in a car accident involving downed power lines, trees or other objects.

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