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Three Driver Distractions That Can Be Fatal

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While many people know cell phones can cause a distraction while driving, cell phones are only one of the many distractions drivers regularly face. Here are some other driving distractions we encourage you to avoid:

Getting Lost in Your Own Thoughts

While driving, it is easy to start thinking about something other than driving. Planning what you are going to do when you get home, worrying about how you can resolve a problem, or thinking about something else while driving is common. Unfortunately, these thoughts take your focus away from driving. Missing an exit or forgetting to turn somewhere are only minor problems often encountered when you are driving while lost in your own thoughts. HittingĀ another vehicle, forgetting to stop at a stop light, or driving off the road while in this state are more serious problems caused by being preoccupied by your own thoughts.


Many people eat snacks or change the radio station while driving. These activities, as well as tasks like putting on makeup, adjusting the GPS, or watching a video on your phone, take your eyes and focus off the road. Even if your eyes are only off the road for a few seconds, you could get in an accident. Be careful of doing anything while driving which may cause you to take your eyes off the road or which may distract you from focusing upon the road.

Passenger Distractions

Traveling alone is not always plausible or even the best idea, but passengers can be a distraction to the driver. While looking at a passenger will take your eyes off the road, just talking to someone else can take your mind off your driving. Of course, driving in a completely silent vehicle is generally not possible, and if you are traveling a considerable distance, it makes for a really long ride. Encouraging passengers to be quiet when driving conditions are particularly dangerous can help to create a safer driving environment. Pulling off the road if passengers are being especially rowdy can also help prevent accidents.

If you were involved in an accident with a distracted driver, contact us. One of our Nashville car accident lawyers will discuss the specifics of your case with you for no charge.

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